We've been doing some interior decorating on our end. New website, relatively new name and branding that encompasses the new growing team. It's been "FRESH".

June 28, 2019

You can say we've been doing some interior decorating on our end. New website, relatively new name and branding that encompasses the new growing team. It's been "FRESH".

First the name, when I first began this journey as solopreneur, I picked the Onirico name as it reflected the purpose well of everything I believe is true and necessary with starting a business that helps other businesses. It literally means, of or pertaining to dreams. And its roots have to do with Greek mythology and the Oneiroi spirit who brought prophetic visions to humans that guided them through life. At the same time, I had this name Superoficial on my short list. To make a long story short, I rolled with Onirico as all paperwork was already established and I just didn't find immediate value in switching names up. After all most clients at the time looked me up based on my own name anyway.

Somethings started to happen.

Well many things started to happen, but really I started seeing the bigger vision for my own self and company. We began to find our stride, our groove, our identity. We grew from one to two and made the leap from a self employed freelance solopreneurial team to entrepreneurial gang. Somewhere Onirico was just –too abstract, too all encompassing– for this business's focus. We garnered an expertise in brand, websites, and campaigns for clients. Onirico was less marketing agency and more directional consultations. Don't get me wrong Onirico still describes work that I want to do but there is a better term, a better phrasing. Looking back at my original short list it was a no brainer.

A name you can look at however you please.

Superoficial. A name you can look at however you please but some how you just get it. (Umm what do you mean tho)

Superoficial as is in the superficial made super official

Superoficial in Spanish means guess what? / Super official

Superficial with an "O" for Onirico / Complete full circle

It's representative of what we do –making better everything visual for your business. Brands, websites, campaigns and everything in between that makes the difference between looking like the competition becoming the competition. We were sold, thats the name. Easy for people to pronounce with no online ties to it, an available .com and representative of the cultures we embrace.

So what does Superoficial look like?

This was the challenge. There was an idea, a direction, a few directions, most we weren't in love with. It needed to represent internet, music, finesse, work, hustle, fashion, people, art, us. So we found our inspiration in media and internet. Our love for sexy vibes and enticing flows brought on a brand that was unexpected. We changed from icons that included planes and birds to just a typeface with colors of a bird that represents us well (It's a company secret ;) ). The color scheme represents our flight and our challenges of being a small company with lots of fight for not only our success but that of our clients.

Our aim is simplicity, too many times did I catch myself being too complex. Complexity is great we embrace ours, but we also learn how to communicate it better. Too many times did I see those mistakes replicated in others that struggled. Our point to drive home is to keep things simple, make our impact, add value, and move on. So much goes into this process –it's quite crazy.

The results are here will they stay the same for a bit? Yea. Will we be evolving? For damn sure.

So where are we at?

Where are we at in our journey? We are growing. We hit a wall last year and we made mistakes. We learned from those mistakes and we are doing better to becoming great. There's so much to talk about when you ask where are we as a team and company. The short is we are working hard to leave our impression and grow. We're a long long way from where we started, but we are no where near where we want to be. We will save the meat of that conversation for another day, but certainly know that great things are coming. This new direction and web presence is a glimpse into that future.

Extra Credit!

Gain extra points if you guess the artist, song and album the following verse is from. Need a hint? Ask in our comments. ABSOLUTELY NO GOOGLING. GO!

Even my superficial raps are super official.